Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Too Much Halloween..? 2010

' I was a Devil...!!' : Moms love to worry.

It is getting cold outside.. and Halloween is coming too..! Every Halloween, I made a little postcard for close friends. ( since two year ago though.. ) This year, I drew a little kid who put a lot of cloths on because of my mom.. My family lives in Korea. In Korea, they already had a first snow two days ago.. My mom always worries about my health and happiness.. so she always tell me 'Put a thick jacket on when you go out.' 'Do exercise.' 'Eat healthy.'.... I love what my mom says and I miss that.

In the drawing.. the kid is wearing a devil Halloween costume under thick clothing layers. His mom worried about he might catch a cold.. Even though it didn't work well with a Halloween costume, I will call it, L.O.V.E

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